Phil Ivey Masterclass Review

Phil Ivey Masterclass Review

Get inside the head of a champion with never before disclosed strategy from poker pro, Phil Ivey. This advanced Masterclass condenses years worth of experience and theoretical knowledge into 11 incredible lessons. Each uncovers new, powerful information to help you sharpen your edge — there's no redundancy, no B.S. Every nugget of advice you get is a gem.


Is Phil Ivey’s Masterclass worth it?

At $90 for 11 Lessons with the greatest of all time, the answer is absolutely yes.

If you’re an experienced player looking to gain a serious edge on your competition, this is a no brainer.

Check out my in-depth review video of the Phil Ivey Masterclass, including a sneak-peek below!

This Masterclass is bursting with advice you can implement into your game immediately! Unlike so many other poker training courses, this Masterclass empowers you to use the intel imparted here to make your own decisions — to become the best possible player you can be, not a pale imitation of someone else.

  • Downloadable workbook with recaps, assignments & advanced play guide
  • ‘Office Hours’ where you can interact 1-on-1 with Phil himself!
  • 11 lessons with video supplements
  • Community forum to meet & mingle with other Masterclass students
  • Learn anytime, anywhere -- desktop, mobile and Apple TV

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About Phil Ivey

At 38, Phil Ivey was the youngest person to win 10 WSOP bracelets, a massive feat of skill in a game that's involves a large chunk of chance. Phil is from a generation where players didn't share their secrets, which makes this Masterclass a total revelation. By taking it, you will be among the first to be able to take Phil's winning insights to the tables and put them to work. Unlike IveyPoker Training, where Phil was cleary holding back, in this program he goes all-in.

Witness the best production value in any poker training course I’ve ever seen!

Great graphics, clarion language, superbly designed workbooks and a thriving community of support lead by Phil himself makes this create a totally immersive learning experience. You can tell that this isn’t Masterclass’ first go around. In fact, their first go around at poker was the Daniel Negreanu Masterclass.

Widely regarded as the world's best all-around poker player, Phil Ivey typically plays his enigmatic table presence to his advantage. He's been called poker's most mysterious player and earned worldwide respect as one of the best players in history.

Course highlights include hand reviews from:

  • Aussie Millions
  • Super High Rollers
  • Pokerstars Tournaments
  • Poker after Dark
  • The Shark Cage
  • Full Tilt Million Dollar Poker Cash Game
  • World Series of Poker Main Event…
  • The infamous Paul Jackson hand aka the greatest bluff of all time (finally — he explains it!)

Phil’s Masterclass also includes cameos from other poker legends!

Learn how Ivey played against the best in the business, like:

  • Daniel Negreanu
  • Phil Hellmuth
  • Patrick Antonius
  • Doug Polk
  • Isaac Haxton
  • Antonio Esfandiari
  • Tom Dwan
  • ...and more!

Phil’s Masterclass Overview

Lesson 1: Phil’s Journey

From his foray into the game to now, Phil talks about how he's matured and become wiser.

Lesson 2: Preflop and Blind Defense

Learn how to use Phil's strategy at this critical stage to make fewer mistakes than your opponents.

Lesson 3: Betting Tactics

Betting in poker is all about maximizing value. Dive into Phil's advanced strategies.

Lesson 4: Bluffing

Discover how to use bluffs to get your opponents’ to make big mistakes that are profitable for you. Includes hand breakdown of Phil’s most famous bluffs!

Lesson 5: Postflop Part 1

Postflop is where things get serious and the money is made. Learn how to hone in and when to throw down.

Lesson 6: Postflop Part 2

Learn the reasons to fold even when the math doesn't add up as well as the difference between believing in your reads and acting on them.

Lesson 7: Deepstack Play

Short stacked play is somewhat solved, but deepstacked is anyone's game. In this lesson, you can learn how to make it yours.

Lesson 8: The Mental Game

Uncover the truth about intimidation and the Ivey stare  — it's not what you think!

Lesson 9: Table Image and Tells

Table image is a key part of playing winning poker. Learn how to adjust your play based on your opponent’s style to maximize your edge.

Lesson 10: Strategies for Success

Discover Phil's pillars of long-term success and learn how to focus on the moment, not the stakes.

Lesson 11: Closing

Get Phil’s inside intel to keep you growing, learning and winning throughout your year of play.


Benjamin Spater

I’ve been following Evan “Gripsed” Jarvis for about a year and he is the best thing that ever happened to my game.

Benjamin Spater
Member since 2019


I watched you years back on youtube when you were making videos. I found you again when I signed up to PCP and went through your mental mindset stuff.

Member since 2015


Gripsed twitch poker stream has got me back into poker. I had more or less stopped playing Oct 2019 because the beats were just getting to me. Making me a grumpy ole man and fairly a drag to be around. The break from the game did some good. I started to feel better.

Member since 2019

Larry Allen

Watched some of the training videos on the website and immediately improved my game! Sometimes it's easy to fall into old patterns, and it can really help to get fresh insights from pros to make you re-think and break out of bad habits.

Larry Allen
Student since 2018


Gripsed has been an influential poker mentor of mine for years. From Youtube to Twitch, I've always resonated with the way Evan organizes, structures & shares his material. Extremely easy to digest and implement. Zero fluff, straight to the heart.

Member since 2019