I watched you years back on youtube when you were making videos. I found you again when I signed up to PCP and went through your mental mindset stuff. When I was doing quizzes on PCP and you mentioned where you played, Brantford, Niagara, etc, I realized you must be local (I have spent many hours in those casinos!). Listening to your videos the thing that has helped me the most is the positive mindset you bring to the table. It helps a million when on a downswing and keeping the confidence going. I also really enjoy your twitch streams and your hookups to other twitch streams and home games. Most importantly though, the thing I like the most is the feeling of community and welcoming - especially during this isolating time in Covid. Poker is often a social game and playing online with the Gripsed community is a fantastic combo. Keep up the good work, happy to support local!

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