How To Dominate Small Stakes Poker Tournaments

How To Dominate Small Stakes Poker Tournaments


In this presentation I will show you EXACTLY how to build and manage your chipstack in high speed tournaments & home games. There is an art to tournament poker and the smaller the stakes, the easier it is to apply that art to make a money making masterpiece!

There are 7 keys for success you need to know to become a real boss at the tournament poker tables. In this presentation we will cover all 7 of them from both angles. We will examine them from a theoretical perspectives and dive deep into each key & how to apply it most effectively. But first I'm going to walk you through a full hand history review so you can see the concepts in action.

Want to learn more beyond the 7 keys for success? Learn the 3 Big Mistakes most people make in small stakes tournaments & make sure you won't be making those mistakes anymore!

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