WSOP Series: How To Follow The Action

WSOP Series: How To Follow The Action

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Whether you're in Vegas or watching from afar, there are no shortages of ways for you to catch the action at the WSOP.  Unfortunately, there are any number of ways you could miss it. That's what happens when you're spoiled by choice. Read on to find out how to stay tuned in.

Whether you're in Vegas or watching from afar, there are no shortages of ways for you to catch the action at the WSOP. Just cause you didn't score a seat or couldn't cough up the cash to buy-in doesn't mean you have to miss one exciting second of the most anticipated events on the poker calendar. 

Here are the best ways to tune-in and stay-up-to-date on the standings:

1. The WSOP website

This is probably the most obvious way to check in on the standings. The fine people of the WSOP regularly update their site and the leaderboards. They offer live coverage through live video, chip counts and blogging. I will say this though: while regular, the updating of the info is not as speedy as some other sources, especially considering this is the official site of the WSOP. The leaderboards and chip counts are generally updated throughout the day. This site is great for comprehensive information about where events are, the more logistical points of the event and no-nonsense accounts of the play, but if you are looking to really stay on trend, then you'll find that Twitter is you're best option.

3. Twitter

For incredibly instantaneous coverage of WSOP, Twitter is king. The key is finding the right people to follow. If you want to get updates from specific people, then make sure you follow them because most players will be tweeting their updates from the event. If you need info about a particular event, I recommend @kevmath. This guy has dedicated his Tweeting life to poker, particularly the WSOP. Other great accounts to follow include:


PokerNews updates its site multiple times a day, and its writers offer up some fresh and fun perspectives on the events. has the rights to the coverage for this year's WSOP, so don't expect to find detailed updates and chips counts on PokerNews this year, but for all other events, PokerNews is the go to. 

4. Live Streams

The WSOP website does their own livestreams, but so do many pro poker personalities. Twitch is a great place to peruse WSOP live coverage as well. Plus the new poker channel coming to TV next fall, Poker Central, is streaming their super high roller cash game on Twitch. 

Right now you can check out some the recordings from the super high roller cash games.

And finally...

5. Rock the Rails

Last but not least, getting to the WSOP events in the flesh is an ultimate way to experience the WSOP. You're right in the middle of the action, soaking up every second. Of course, it's busy as hell and crowded, so while it is an unbelievable experience in terms of atmosphere, if you're not actually in the game, it is not ideal in terms of education - just too much going on! (But there’s nothing like it in the world! Being a part of the WSOP – be at the tables or the rails – should be on the bucket list of any true-blue poker fan.)