Why Hire A Professional Coach

Why Hire A Professional Coach

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Hiring a coach means that you are putting yourself in the hands of someone who is held to a higher standard, but it also means you will hold yourself to a higher standard. When you do this, you expect more from yourself, and ultimately, you'll achieve better results.

The Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Coach

There's this famous study that was conducted at Indiana's Ball State University where two groups of 10 guys were put through identical strength training regimes and while they were evenly matched fitness-wise when they started, and they worked out the same amount with the same quantity of rest days, one group saw dramatically better results. This group had over 30% more upper body strength and over 40% more lower body strength than the other group. So what's the deal?

As you might guess from the title of this article, a professional; a professional was the deal. The study group with the notably better results had personal trainers. 

The Standard of Professionalism

This analogy applies beyond the fitness field. It is why people who go design school are more likely to make a living as a designer, and why trade unions require their members to be certified in their respective trade, and why painters, writers and musicians eagerly try to get into schools where the most renowned artists instruct. It's not because there aren't incredible self-taught designers, or solid carpenters who aren't certified, or amazing artists who don't teach or haven't achieved notoriety; it's simply that achieving the status of 'professional' carries weight. It means you’re widely recognized and respected for your talent. It means you’re held to a certain standard - a higher standard. Studying under a professional’s guidance means the student will be more likely to improve their own game – whatever that game is.

And we all know what our game is...

Advantages of Hiring a Poker Coach

1. They Hold You to A Higher Standard

Not only does hiring a coach mean that you are putting your mind and money in the hands of someone who is held to a higher standard, but it also means you will hold yourself to a higher standard. Like how a person who doles out hundreds of dollars for a personal trainer will be less likely to skip workouts and eat poorly, a person who invests in their poker career is more likely to take their game seriously. They are more likely to check the ego, bury the tilt and refine their patience. They are more likely to go that extra mile - and not just because they have help, but because they’ve made a tangible investment in themselves. 

2. They’ve Been There, Done That

Hiring a poker coach also allows you to free up some mental energy. The student doesn’t have to try to figure everything out for himself. Your coach has been there, messed up, bought the t-shirt and essentially done all the dirty work for you. Now, they’re here to teach you how to avoid their pitfalls – and have a healthier bottom-line from the get-go. 

3. They Customize

Since I seem to be stuck on this personal trainer analogy, let’s keep rolling with  it. Much like how a personal trainer wouldn’t train an 18 year-old semi-pro hockey player the same way he’d train a 60 year old women who’s never worked out a day in her life, a poker coach won’t train an enthusiastic newbie the same way he’d train a hardened and disheartened grinder. No two people are alike, and professional coaches know this. They tailor their approach to fit the student. This said, good pro coaches also know their limits, and while they can teach a range of individuals, they know the types they teach best. A solid pro will always refer a client to the best coach for that specific client. 

4. They’ve Got the Goods

Professional poker coaches don’t only have the tricks of the trade – they have the tools of the trade as well. Want literature on a specific theory? They’ll hook you up with the best books and references. Been looking for easy-to-understand ranking charts? They’ll have those too.  Want to watch a video on a lesser known strategy? They can point you in the right direction and also let you know about the best live streams. Need help tracking your success and being more accountable? They can set you up with a killer poker journal.

The bottom line is that it’s not just about the bottom line. The best coaches put their clients first, even if it means placing them with someone else. This is why Gripsed has a spread of incredible coaches. Some are ideal for helping more advanced players who need help with sophisticated theory, some are better for helping novice players learn how to find their style and be more confident at the tables. Other coaches will focus on off-table elements that play into your game, like mindfulness, patience, staying calm and relaxed. 

Check out our coaches and contact us to learn about who’d be perfect for you.