Meditation Mudras And Breathwork For Beginners

Meditation Mudras And Breathwork For Beginners

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My Winning Morning Routine (Pt 2) - Meditation Mudras And Breathwork For Beginners

Start your day connecting to your divine intelligence with this simple meditation routine. Fill your body with oxygen and life force, activate both hemispheres of your brain, and tap into your emotional intelligence (your feelings)

Anyone can do this routine, it requires no special training, the key is to start relaxed while you breath and to not try and hold your breath or push yourself too hard. Meditation is not about achievement, it's about acceptance and awareness.

Choose a sitting position that is comfortable, you should not have to strain. This may mean sitting against a wall or on a chair, whatever works for you is the right thing. The goal is not to get into a specific position, the goal is to breath deeply, fully and freely.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert in this practice. While masters have trained for 6+ years, I have only been doing the practice for 6 months. If you like the video and the practice I strongly encourage seeking training from a professional instructor of this type of art so maximize benefit and avoid potential injury. Check