How To Use PokerTracker

How To Use PokerTracker

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Whether you're a casual player or grinder, if you have an interest in seeing any return on your time invested at the tables, you need to use poker software. PokerTracker is one of the oldest and best tools for in-game and post-game analysis.

In case you haven't noticed, you're not living in the Wild West playing poker against Wild Bill or Calamity Jane. Not only is most of your competition going to have their own teeth, they're going to have their own poker software - and they're going to be using it. 

It doesn't matter if you're not planning to play for a living: if you have an interest in seeing any return on your time invested at the tables, you need to use poker software. You need to use state-of-the-art poker software, and that means you need to use PokerTracker 4. If, on the other hand, you don't care about your performance and are content throwing your money at your opponents, you can stop reading this now. Or better yet, skip the playing and just send your money my way.

Whether you play for high stakes or low stakes, PokerTracker 4 has been optimized to help you maximize your edge and get more bang for your buck. 

I'll explain what I mean.

10 Reasons You Need PokerTracker 4

1. To change something, you have to measure it first.

It's a little like trying to lose weight, but having no idea where you're starting from. You've got to weigh in, bust out the measuring tape, grab some calipers - any or all the above. PokerTracker 4 provides you with a variety of in-depth methods to quantifiably measure your performance, allowing you to revel in your strengths and identify (and address) your weaknesses. 

2. It gives you honest, unbiased, unemotional results.

It’s not like asking your mom if you’re smart. This piece of software is all brains and no heart, so you can get objective feedback on factors like all-in stats, adjusted EV, how often you get dealt various hands over your sample - and it does it quickly and easily.

3. You have insane filters.

Filter to specific spots to really drill down each situation and find scenarios where you're consistently losing money.

4. It has the ability to mark hands during play so you don't forget them after.

And they're easy to pull up for review. This means you don't waste time frantically taking notes or waste precious brain-power analyzing a play that you no longer have control over. The time to reflect and learn will be easily afforded to you later.

5. You can better study the competition.

Now you can dig even deeper into your opponents’ hands as well by marking them for review.  Find the winner's strengths, suss out the loser's weaknesses, win more money overall – this software makes it that simple. 

6. There’s more room for notes.

Your notes are your secret weapons, and PokerTracker 4 gives you way more room to make them than poker clients offer. It allows you to make the notes during your study time, and have them available during play.

7. You have a seriously sick Heads-Up Display.

This means extra info about opponents while playing, and more winning scenarios for you. Pro tip: start simple, and add more stats as you go. You can check out my top 16 stats to choose from here.

8. You’ll get an honest table image of yourself.

You know how sometimes you think you’re on fire, but you’re playing more like a drip? Well, no more. PokerTracker 4 decimates ego-maniacal self-flattery by showing you how you were really playing today. Your HUD stats can't lie, my friend, and numbers never lie.

9. It’s a lifetime investment.

Downloading PokerTracker 4 shows seriousness and a willingness to invest in yourself, which is a key for success in any field or discipline.

10. It makes it easier to understand pot odds.

You don’t have to be a newbie to get confused by pot odds. Thankfully, PokerTracker 4 includes them in the replayer, which makes it easier to get comfy with the concept.

So, you know why you should be using PokerTracker 4 – and since there’s no shortage of reasons, you should have no excuses. Now you just have to figure out how to use it. Fear not, not only is the software super user-friendly, but I’ve made a video to help ease you in. 

You know what to do next: take what you’ve learned, take it to the tables, and get stackin’!