PokerStars Review

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PokerStars Review

  • The biggest poker site in world.
  • The biggest tournaments and widest game selection.
  • Excellent software and player bonuses.

“As the biggest poker site on the planet with a consistently positive reputation, PokerStars probably needs no introduction—chances are, you already have an account there. But if you don’t, expect great game selection and state-of-the-art software.”

There’s a reason most players have accounts at Poker Stars. Boasting a massive game selection, a great loyalty program and tons of opportunities to customize your gaming experience, Poker Stars is at the top of their game. They even have software for private home games and time tournaments.

Due to the sheer volume of players, getting a solid read on the action is tough: you'll find as many fish as sharks, and as many loose and tight players. But inconsistent competition is nothing a skilled player can't handle, and it's really the only drawback of playing Poker Stars.

Evan Jarvis
Evan Jarvis


PokerStars Bonuses

  • $30 First Deposit Bonus (mix of tickets and cash) - bonus code: "THIRTY"
  • OR 100% First Deposit Match Bonus (up to $600) - bonus code: "STARS600"


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