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GG Poker Review

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GG Poker Review

  • Asian focused network (softer/looser action).
  • Good value player rewards.
  • Fun/playful software attracts more casuals.

“Soft and loose action is the name of the game at GG Poker, which makes it one of my favorite sites to play when I want to hone my skills without taking a hit. Fun atmosphere and playful software seal the deal for an excellent casual play experience.”

GG Poker is an Asian-focussed network that attracts a worldwide player base who want to play for entertainment over profit—though sign up bonuses (200% up to $1000), rewards programs with easy-to-clear milestones, innovative game adaption and a solid selection of poker games and tournaments make raking in a profit pretty easy too. 

Overall, an awesome experience in poker entertainment and a solid opportunity for skilled players to make fairly easy money—especially if you grind the lower-stake games.

Evan Jarvis
Evan Jarvis


GG Poker Bonuses

  • Get $100 in rewards OR a matched deposit up to $600

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