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Turn $20 Into$1000!

Multiply your bankroll investment in only 30 Days!

Join Project Get Me Stackin’ and fix your broken poker habits for good! Join thousands of other poker players who have already done the same!

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How Project Get Me Stackin' Works

Step 1


Join our partnered poker site, create a new account, and make a first-time deposit to get started.

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We teach you how to maximize your deposit bonuses so you can quickly boost your initial deposit.

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We send you a custom scheduled training program so you can learn proper game strategy.

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You will have to create a new account using our bonus code in order to qualify for this promotion.

What We'll Send You...

Premium Training Guides ($400 Value)

Gripsed Poker Training premium guides designed for cash game players.

Cash Game Essential Strategies Guide

$30 Value

The Bankroll Building Bible

$10 Value

5 Pillars of Peak Performance Webinar

$100 Value

Mental Game Mastery Webinar

$50 Value

Gripsed 10-part MTT Master Series

$100 Value

Gripsed Essential MTT Strategies eBook

$20 Value

Beginner's Guide To Tournament Selection

$20 Value

The Strategic Game of Poker Webinar

$50 Value

30-Day Custom Training Program

This custom designed poker training program is designed to move you from micro stakes to small stakes.

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The “Sign Up” links won't work for me?

If you are having trouble opening the signup link, you may have a browser extension interfering with it (like AdBlock) since some poker rooms are blacklisted by adblockers. Try disabling this extension or copying the link (right click: copy link address) and pasting it into a new browser tab.

How long does it take to receive my bundle?

It takes approximately 1 week to verify your account and deposit for this promotion with the poker room. After which we will send all your bonus training programs.

It's been longer than a week & I haven't heard anything?

This may be due to different reasons:

  • Holidays or other rare occasions may delay our ability to verify accounts.
  • You may have entered your email wrong, which means we have no way of contacting you.
  • Our emails may be entering your spam inbox, please check there (add us as an email contact to avoid this).

Does this promotion apply if I already have an account with the poker room?

No. This promotion is for new accounts only. This promotion does not work for new deposits, ONLY new accounts referred as Gripsed players.

Do I really have to clear my cookies & cache?

Unfortunately yes. Most poker rooms use cookie tracking to tag new players as a Gripsed players. If you are not tagged as a Gripsed player when you create your account, then you do not qualify for this promotion. So please make sure to follow the directions (even if it's a pain in the ass, I know).

Can I still get the bundle if I didn't get tagged as a Gripsed player?

If you were not tagged as a Gripsed player (see above) then you do not qualify this promotion and will not receive your training programs. We may make an exception in rare cases.

Do I still qualify if I signed up through Gripsed before I knew about this promo?

Yes, it is possible you can still qualify for this promo if you were tagged properly. Please fill out the form above.