I have benefited most from Gripsed Poker from the key lessons that really focus on mental approach and preparation, Evan really excels by his core understanding that performance comes from within and that the mind and soul can be conditioned for success. On top of teaching the values of mental clarity/performance Grisped Poker was there from the beginning, providing key fundamentals for a strategic framework, and lays out the importance of hand selecting, position, aggression, table dynamic awareness and how it all ties together. His Triple Threat approach is one I always stay mindful of when I enter a hand, and practicing it's concepts have allowed me to operate from good fundamentals and help me achieve much success and poker winnings! His series of How and series of Why are highly recommended along with all his other content. This is why linking just any one video would be an injustice to the level of work and effort Evan has put in, in providing an ultra comprehensive package of lessons and concepts!

I am without a doubt a better poker player and person having the opportunity to have absorbed Evan's knowledge and wisdom!

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