Charlie Carrel

Charlie Carrel

Charlie Carrel - deposited $15 to Pokerstars in September 2013 starting at 2NL. In less than 15 months he has moved up to playing NL 500 Zoom for his main game, while taking shots at high as NL 5k.

After moving up through the cash game limits, he started taking shots at MTTs. His results speak for themselves, with over $450,000 in tournament winnings, highlighted by his biggest score of $201,000 in the Sunday Million.

Charlie makes a big effort to work on all elements of the game from super deep stacks to super shallow stacks, making him a real threat in all variants of no-limit hold'em. He offers great insight with a unique style of mixing the psychological and mathematical approaches to the game to beat the micro stakes, small stakes and mid stakes - with an already impressive record of helping others move quickly up the limits.

Charlie is not currently accepting new coaching students.

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